Information on fishing in Nijkerk.
In the Netherlands by law you need a written permission from the owner of the fishing rights to be allowed to fish. In most fishing water in the Netherlands the fishing rights are in the hands of the angling clubs and societies (the local club, federational-
ore national society). In these waters you need a 'small VISpas' or a 'VISpas' as permit.

In Nijkerk all of the fishing rights are owned by the municipality, and the local angling club (hsv Hoop Op Geluk).

For almost all of the ponds and canals within the city limits you need only the permission from the municipality website (; free of charge).
If you want to fish in the shipping canal the 'Arkervaart' (from the harbor in the center of Nijkerk towards the Randmeer), the fishing pond 'plas Watergoor', the Randmeren, or the waters in polder Arkemheen, you need to be a member of the fishing club 'Hoop op Geluk'.
There are two ways to become a member of Hsv Hoop Op Geluk:
1. The first one is to go to one of the tackle shops in town and say that you want to become a member of the fishing society 'Hoop op Geluk. After payment you will receive a provisional prove of membership (VBL). After sending the copy of your VBL to Sportvisserij Nederland you will receive your permit within 3 weeks. In the meantime the VBL is your permit.
2. The second way to become a member, is to the homepage of this website and click the VISpas logo to order a permit for direct use online.

If you become a member of the fishing club 'Hoop op Geluk' the VISpas you receive gives you the right to fish in almost all the fishing waters in the Netherlands. If your under 14 years of age you get a junior VISpas (cheaper). With your VISpas you will get a list of fishing waters. Your obliged the show this VISpas together with the list of fishing waters when you are checked on having a permit by the authorities (the Visplanner-app on your smartphone together with your VISpas will do also; obtainable for free from the app-stores). Itís your own responsibility to check if a specific water is indeed in the list that goes with the VISpas.

In the Netherlands fishing is almost only done for sports and recreation. Of course one can take the fish to eat it; some fishermen do. By law there are limits to the amount of fish and there size. You may not have in your possession more than 30 fishes a fisherman.
For the fishing water in Nijkerk there is an additional limit for the species Pike-perch and Carp. You may never have more than 2 Pike-perch in your possession. Al Carp must be released after catch in the water it came from. In the fishing pond 'plas Watergoor' you may not take the Carp, Pike, Pike-perch and Tench.